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Selection of metal and plastic pipework ideal for gateways and crossings Ø150mm - 600mm in 4m and..
Steel Beams
Selection of heavy duty steel beams ideal for gateways and crossings in various sizes and lengths..
Ex Hire Bulk Trailer
**Limited Availability** We have 1x Ex-Hire 2017 18t bulk trailer available for sale. It come..
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Dowdeswell DP 170 MA 8F (6+1+1) plough
Dowdeswell DP 170 MA 8F (6+1+1) YOM 2006, complete with DDS Bodies, skimmers, depth/transport whe..
Dowdeswell DP 145MA 7F plough
Refurbished Dowdeswell 145 MA 7F with rear flange to take extra furrow. Complete with DD Bodies (..
Ex hire manure spreaders
Ex hire 16 tonne vertical beater manure spreaders from £12,000 Ex hire 18 tonne spinning deck..
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