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Challenger Y Body Spinning Disc Spreader

The 18T Y Body spinning disc spreader has been developed from our long established Classic models using proven components. This has resulted in a sleek modern design with greater capacity whilst giving the ability to incorporate extra features such as sprung drawbars and weigh cells for extra refinement and increased efficiency.

These machines come standard with:

  • Heavy duty rotors and gearboxes
  • Twin 20mm floor chains
  • Large floor drive gearboxes
  • 60mm shafts and bearings
  • Wide angle PTO
  • Auto Lube
  • Sealed chain guards
  • Sprung drawbar

They produce accurate spread patterns with high outputs and can be fitted with a large range of optional extras including:

  • Vision hatch
  • Slurry door
  • Slurry door height indicator
  • Work lights
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